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Android leads iOS in the US despite of iOS’ recent stat

2012 December 5

Yes the iOS was recently crowned as the top US mobile OS recently. However, it was comScore who found that the Android OS by Google ‘was’ still the most popular OS when October ended. Meanwhile, Mobile ad network ‘Chitika’ said that Web traffic on iOS and Android devices on its network remained stable over the last couple of months, though Apple’s iOS dominated it.  

According to comScore, between the months of July and October, the Android OS took about 53.6% of the market and is up by 1.4%. Apple’s iOS received 34.3% and is up almost by 1%. The top five were: Research In Motion (RIM) which dropped about 1.7% to 7.8%; then there is Microsoft, which dropped about 0.4% to 3.2%; and the Symbian OS continued its drop to a low 0.6%.

There are 121.3 Million of people in the US who now owns smartphones according to comScore. This is about 51.9% of the country and it received a 6% up from the month of July. Kantar Worldpanel said last week that in the past 12 weeks, the iOS jumped to 48.1% in the US smartphone market all thanks to the new iPhone 5. This also placed the iOS above the Android OS at 46.7%.

Yes, Samsung is still the most popular device maker and was greatly aided by the release of their latest flagship the Samsung Galaxy S3 this summer and with the more recently release of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. With this, Samsung has now about 26.3% of the US mobile market and is up by 0.7%. Apple only came in at number 2 with 17.8% and receiving only a 1.5% up (again thanks to the launch of the iPhone 5).

It appears that LG is close behind Apple with its 17.6% while Motorola (Google-owned) came out with 11% and the Taiwanese phone maker HTC received a 6% of the market share. All of the said companies received a slight decline (about less than 1%) in July.

Meanwhile, Chitika has been keeping tabs on Web traffic to its network over the last 5 months. They are said to be looking at impressions that came from the iOS and Android devices. The firm said: “Despite all the new Android and Apple devices that have been released over the past six months, little has changed in the overall Web traffic distribution between iOS and Android,” “This advantage is the largest contributing factor to Apple’s lead over Android” Chitika added.

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