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Apple Drops Planned US Lawsuit Against The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

2012 December 29

Apple and Samsung continue to lock horns in courtrooms all over the world, as the two market leaders battle for dominance of the lucrative global smartphone business. In recent months, Apple and Samsung have attempted to sue one another numerous times, with the most common reason being for patent infringements.


The most infamous occasion occurred earlier this year after Apple won a case against Samsung, resulting in a US court ordering the South Korea based manufacturer to pay over a billion dollars in damages to Apple.


More recently, Apple has filed numerous lawsuits against several Samsung products, particularly those in the popular Android powered Galaxy range. A recent example is the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, which offers a more compact and affordable alternative to the flagship Galaxy S3 which has been the most commercially successful smartphone model of 2012.


However, it now appears that Apple is planning to drop the planned lawsuit against the Galaxy S3 Mini. This news comes from Apple Insider, with the reason being that Samsung will not be making, advertising or selling the phone in the US, as it is aimed at the European market. This means that Apple has no grounds for a case in the US. Although the phone can be obtained in the US from websites like Amazon by those who choose to ship it into the US, this does not count as officially being offered for sale in the US.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has seen decent levels of commercial success in Europe. Although it has had mixed reviews, the phone offers an ideal alternative for those who do not want to spend the high price tag commanded by the flagship Galaxy S3, and replaces some of its features with lower spec ones to ensure the handset is more affordable. For example, it has a smaller screen, less processing power and lower camera resolution but still packs many of the same innovative software features and the latest version of the Android operating system for a similar user experience to its higher end counterpart.

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