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Battery Test Shows Impressive Results For The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

2012 November 30

A few weeks ago, Samsung launched its new Galaxy S3 Mini. As the name suggests this is a smaller version of its bestselling Galaxy S3, and is also offered at a more competitive price point, providing and alternative for those on a budget or who are simply not bothered about the bragging rights that come with having the most advanced features.


The device packs a 4 inch screen instead of the 4.8 inch HD display found on the Galaxy S3. It also sees a number of other downgrades like lower processing power and a 5 megapixel camera. However, this is done in order to keep costs down so savings can be passed onto the consumer, while still striking a balance between affordability and appealing features. The phone does include plenty of the innovative software features found on its full sized counterpart though and even sports the latest Android Jellybean OS.


GSM Arena has just carried out a battery test for the Galaxy S3 Mini as it does with just about every new smartphone release. The test was carried out to see how long the phone will last when making a call over a 3G connection, web browsing and playing a video, with a full charge each time.


When talking over 3G, the device managed 6 hours 22 minutes. Web browsing saw a slightly higher time of 7 hours and 38 minutes, with video playback lasting for 7 hours 46 minutes.


These results are not as high as those of a number of other notable Samsung handsets like the Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2, but there is good reason for this. These phones have much larger batteries. The Galaxy S3 Mini has a 1500mAh battery, whereas the Galaxy Note 2 for example has battery capacity of 3100mAh which is more than double that of the Galaxy S3 Mini. Bearing this in mind, the battery performance of the Galaxy S3 Mini is actually quite impressive.


Provided you are able to charge your phone once a day and do not use the phone for web browsing or playing videos for longer than average periods you should have no problems with the battery life of the Galaxy S3 Mini.

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