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How Samsung is the cream of the crop among Android Manufacturers

2013 March 12

Yes, Samsung is today’s world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer. It is not that easy to forget the fact that the company was once met with uninterested US crowd. samsung-android-logo

The first Galaxy S device was launched in the US and it took place at a gallery on the west side of Manhattan about two years ago. J.K. Shin (Samsung’s Mobile Head of Communications) announced the Galaxy S flagship to the crowd, then a black cloth cover was pulled back to unveil not one but four devices (namely the Captivate, Fascinate, Epic 4G, and Vibrant), to cater to top US wireless carriers.

Shin stayed on message and said: “In the race to redefine the smartphone, the starting gun has just been fired, and the Samsung Galaxy S is already standing at the finishing line.”

The Korean tech giant was once in a weak position (more than two years ago), yet, Shin claimed the company’s success back then. The Korean tech giant had big plans for its smartphones in the US, but it was hindered with run of the mill products.

Today, almost three years after that, the Korean tech giant is on the top of the mobile phone industry. Out of the three smartphones shipped today is by Samsung and the company’s Galaxy S3 becomes the strongest and true rival of the iPhone by Apple. CNET named the Samsung Galaxy S3 (and not the iPhone 5) as the product of the year in 2012. Samsung’s imitator image has been long gone, many believe that the company wrestled the innovator mantle away from the Cupertino Firm.

March 14 is yet another big day for the Korean tech giant. This is where Samsung will finally unveil the latest Samsung Galaxy S iteration the Galaxy S4 at the famous Radio City Music Hall in New York City. This is usually a venue reserved for a new iPhone launch.

Samsung has truly broken away from the pack of Android manufacturers. Samsung flourished even as others have struggled (i.e. HTC). Now the company is controlling more than a third of the industry’s profits, while its rival Apple accounts for the rest. During 2012’s Q4, Samsung shipped 63.7 million of smartphones, this is a huge 76% increase over 2011’s Q4, according to IDC.

Truly, Samsung is the cream of the crop among Android Manufacturers and even heavily dominating Apple.

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