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Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy Note heading towards a December or January release

2012 December 3

If you are still using your Samsung Galaxy Note, then I bring you good news. The new Jelly Bean test firmware for the Galaxy Note GT-N7000 has recently surfaced and it seems like it is close to its final stages. In addition, the Note GT-N7000 is based on the Android 4.1.2 version of the Jelly Bean and is said to be the first one of its kind. 

Now, before you get all too excited about this report, let me remind you that the official Over The Air update seems to be further away as initially expected. Yes, this leaked build is solid and there were no major bugs reported or found on it (yet), there are still a couple of missing features in the likes of the expected S-Pen improvements, in other words, this N7000XXLSA build is stable and it looks pretty complete, the Over The Air release of this OS will benefit from a few extra goodies.

With this, it only means that Samsung might launch the said Android 4.1.2 update to the masses sometime this month or early January of 2013. Despite the fact that there are earlier reports from Samsung Sweden that have suggested that we might be seeing the Jelly Bean OS update on the Galaxy Note just in time for the holidays.

Well, so far you can expect a noticeable increase on the phone’s stability and performance all thanks to Project Butter running under its hood as well as a couple of features that are now available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This includes the new Multi-Window view feature, Page Buddy, customizable Notification Panel, Samsung Cloud services, Smart Rotation, Direct Call, Smart Stay, Pop-up Play, and so on and so forth.

The N7000XXLSA firmware has been leaked before on XDA Developers, but it was said to be incomplete. You can easily grab it from SamMobile.  Please note that this will not rollout via the KIES or OTA. This is an official test build so all of you can now work on your Samsung Galaxy Note. You can also find all of the necessary files and instructions online.

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