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Leaked Image Of The Samsung Galaxy S4 Looks Like The Most Convincing Yet

2013 January 23

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is no doubt one of the most eagerly anticipated smartphones currently. The upcoming successor to the wildly popular Galaxy S3 has been subject to numerous rumours and widespread speculation regarding its features, resulting in leaked spec lists and images of the device.


Of course, the majority of these remain questionable in their authenticity. Most are simply speculated spec lists and fan made images of the phone. However, a photo on Picasa has recently been outed by Android Authority, which looks like the most convincing image of the as yet unannounced phone that we have seen.


Of course, until the Samsung Galaxy S4 is officially announced by Samsung, we will not know for sure what the phone will look like, but the reported image certainly looks like it has the potential to be an accurate representation of the new flagship from the South Korean manufacturer.


The photo shows a white version of the phone, which is quite similar to the current Galaxy S3 model, however it appears to have a thinner bezel and larger home button, along with slightly more angular corners. The design of the phone looks like a natural progression from the design of the Galaxy S3, rather than the drastic changes we see with most fan-made mock-ups.


Another clue to the authenticity of the image is its label on Picasa, which reads “Galaxy S IV GT-I9500 Product Image.” This gives the image much more credibility as it provides the phone’s model number, and suggests that the phone may have been leaked from an insider at Samsung.


Of course, whether or not the image is a bonafide leak of the Galaxy S4 will only be confirmed once Samsung has officially unveiled the phone. With a rumoured launch in April, there is hopefully not much longer to wait to find out.


Do you think this image is the real deal, or simply a fan made mock-up? Have you seen a more convincing image of the Samsung Galaxy S4 elsewhere? Leave a comment to let us know!

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