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Mini Samsung Galaxy S3 coming soon?

2012 October 11

Samsung is known for creating big smartphones. Now, a lot of us are waiting for Samsung to make a decent sized smartphone under their famous Galaxy series. Last Wednesday, iNews24 (a Korean website) reported that Samsung’s JK Shin said that the company will unveil a “mini” Galaxy S3 device in Germany come Thursday. According to him, the new “mini” Galaxy S3 will sport a 4” display screen. This screen size is definitely in demand in Europe. 

Yes, JK Shin did not offer any other information about the mini version of the Galaxy S3 other than its screen size. Although Mobile Geeks (a German website) reported about the phone’s innards. According to them, this mini version of the Galaxy S3 is not going to live up to the current flagship or the whole Galaxy series. The phone bears a low a 800 x 480 resolution and will just run under a dual-core (clocking at 1GHz) processor. From the looks of it, this is a good case where “less is actually less”.

We don’t know yet whether if Samsung’s appealing design or amazing capabilities of their device would make it for the mini version of the galaxy S3. But one thing is for sure, Samsung’s current flagship is making huge waves all over the globe. According to Samsung, they have sold over 20 million of Samsung galaxy S3’s since it went on sale back in May.

By launching the mini Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung is clearly confident in this design and its appeal. On top of that, Samsung did announce the arrival of their sequel to the Galaxy Note the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. If you look at the Galaxy S3 and the new Galaxy Note 2, you will find that they are basically bearing the same design. The biggest difference lies on the phone’s size. We all know how huge the Galaxy Note 2 is.

Well, let us just all wait and see until we see the new mini version of the Galaxy S3.

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