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New rumoured feature inclusion for the Samsung Galaxy S4

2012 December 28

The year is about to end and the alleged announcement and launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is no longer that far away (this is most especially true when we are hearing about a possible March or April 2013 release). A lot of people have been writing about the phone’s specs (including us) for a while now.  We all are in awe when we hear about amazing specs and features that the successor of the Galaxy S3 will bring us.

Samsung Galaxy S4 concept design

One of the speculated specs on this phone is a 2.0GHz quad-core processor. There is also the phone’s 13MP rear-facing or primary shutter. We also heard about the phone running on the up and coming Android flavour (the Key Lime Pie). There is also the said flexible screen and the bigger display screen (the Samsung Galaxy S3 came with a 4.8” display screen). It is also said to be thinner than its successor and the iPhone 5. Come to think of it, all of the mentioned specs are quite brilliant (if you ask me).

Now, the latest rumour that we’ve heard is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could end up having its S Pen (sounds familiar?). Yes, Samsung released its first and second hybrid device the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with an S Pen. This could be a great addition to the Galaxy S4 if the rumour is indeed true.

This latest rumour/news came from Korean sources who simply claim that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will land with an S Pen (as reported by Phandroid). Yes, the S Pen is the main difference between the Samsung Galaxy S series and the hybrid device Galaxy Note (1 and 2). If the Galaxy S4 will land with this one, then what will be the main attraction of the bigger device by Samsung? Yes of course there is the size difference. The Galaxy Note being that humongous and the last Galaxy S series came with a bigger screen.

Now, the same sources said that the Galaxy S4 will be launched in April. If this is true, we hope that we hear from Samsung directly. We don’t want to get all too excited about the device without hearing it first from the horse’s mouth.

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