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New Synaptics tech said to be included in Samsung Galaxy S5 – improves Air Gestures and S Pen functionality

2014 January 16

Two reports are saying that the new Synaptics tech will be included in the hotly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5. It is said to improve Air Gestures and S Pen functionality.Samsung-Galaxy

SeekingAlpha reports, “Stifel has hiked its Synaptics (SYNA +4.5%) PT to $67 from $57, and believes the company has won the touch controller slot for Samsung’s Galaxy S5 (expected to launch in mid-March).”

ETNews seems to back SeekingAlpha’s report. According to the Korea-based site, “According to the industry on the 14th, Synaptics, a key touch chip maker, will supply a touch solution with improved hovering detection and passive pen writing function to Samsung Electronics. Synaptics’ solution was installed in Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 last year.

“The new product to be released this year, according to sources, will provide a powerful hovering function to increase the recognition range so that to prevent the problem of recognition being possible only within a close distance to touch screen. In the existing Galaxy S4 model, the usability of Air Gesture and Air View functions, which are executed with hovering, will be improved.

“The functions of passive pen, a general stylus pen, will also be enhanced. The touch screen panel can recognize a passive pen point measuring 2.5pi. So, more elaborate writing will be possible.”

Wait there’s more. ETNews says Synaptics lowered the cost of its new tech, meaning Samsung won’t have to make the Galaxy S5 too expensive.

According to previous reports, the Korean tech giant will lift the lid on the Samsung Galaxy S5 in New York in mid-March.

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