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New Twitter Update Available For The Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE

2013 February 8

One of the most popular uses of modern smartphones is for social networking on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The excellent connectivity boasted by handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE coupled with the large display size makes them perfect for this use. Twitter have now launched an updated for their Android application that improves the functionality that users can enjoy from the service.

Twitter have updated mobile applications on both the Android and iOS platforms but it is the Android version for phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE that enjoys the majority of the improvements. One of the biggest changes to be introduced that can be enjoyed by users on both platforms is a new Discover view. This new introduction is a single stream featuring a variety of information including Tweets, trends, activity and also follower recommendations. Another area which has seen some tweaks is the Search option. This facility now returns results to the users query that features images, accounts and Tweets. The Connect Tab on the application has been updated to only show interactions however if users prefer to see the “mentions” view this can still be activated via the settings menu on the software. Another common change introduced by the update is the ability to click on URLs from the timeline rather than needing to open the Tweet to click on the link.

Asides from the changes mentioned above users of Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE also can now enjoy some additional extras. Android users can now enjoy paragraph breaks within Tweets while the Holo UI guidelines are used for a number of elements on the application. The areas affected by this include menu items, pop ups, the settings menu and the progress bar. Holo UI however is not used across the entire application and on the whole it still resembles its iOS counterpart. The Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE is the perfect device to enjoy everything that Twitter has to offers. The phone sports a large 4.8 inch AMOLED touchscreen display making navigating the service a simple affair while the 4G LTE connectivity delivers lightning fast data transfer speeds.

Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE users can enjoy all the benefits of the new Twitter application update now while iOS users are also treated to some excellent new improvements.

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