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Rounding up Samsung Galaxy S3 sales and Jelly Bean update

2012 December 5

Today, the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Samsung’s flagship) continues to reign as the most-popular Android device ever. This device is making a huge noise from all over the globe. Despite of the current rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S3 remains to be doing quite well in the global market. 

The following are rounded up marketing performance and firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy S3:

UK Market – Samsung Galaxy S3 outsells the iPhone 5

The Galaxy S3 outsold the iPhone 5 in the UK (as per uSwitch’s compiled data). This Samsung flagship device has been the most popular phone in the country for quite some time now. The iPhone 5 is not only outperformed by it but also by the Samsung Galaxy S2.

US AT&T Market – Samsung Galaxy S3 receives its Android Jelly Bean OS via Kies

AT&T customers and owners of the Galaxy S3 reported that they have already started to receive the Jelly Bean OS update via Kies. The Android 4.1.1 update brings many improvements to the Galaxy S3 including the Project Butter and Google now. This OS update increased the phone’s overall performance.

Canada Market – Jelly Bean landed on the Galaxy S3

Canadian Samsung Galaxy S3 owners started to get their Jelly Bean update. Samsung recently confirmed the availability of the new OS update to their device. According to Android Community: “The updates would start today, and we can now confirm Jelly Bean is rolling out to the Galaxy S3 on multiple carriers across Canada.”

US Sprint’s Galaxy S3 price slashed for the holiday season

Vendors are now offering devices for slashed prices as the 2012 holiday season has just started. Amazon is now selling the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 for a reduced price. Amazon is now offering the Galaxy S3 16GB variant for only $29 on a two-year contract with Sprint.

These are just some of the news about the famous Samsung Galaxy S3. It is also quite obvious how well the phone is doing on a global scale. For now, we are hearing rumours about a cheaper version of the Galaxy Note 2 and a potential launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 for next year.

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