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Rumoured eye-tracking software on the Samsung Galaxy S4

2013 March 5

If you are one of the many Samsung Galaxy S4 fans, then I am sure that you cannot wait for this phone to show itself soon. Yes, we have heard a lot of talks and speculations about the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S3, but one thing is for sure, we are all excited to learn about the phone’s newest feature. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be looking back at you and will track your every eye movements to perform key tasks. Sounds cool? Oh yes it is cooler than cool! Samsung-Galaxy-S3-Stay-Smart-explained-1

Yes, this is the latest buzz about the Samsung Galaxy S4. With the phone’s launch nearing us, it’s not that impossible to hear more new things about it. We can truly expect more leaks and even pictures of this device soon. March 14 is just around the corner, soon the Korean tech giant will be giving us full taste of this much-talked about Samsung Galaxy S model.

It was the New York Times who cited a person who has used the Galaxy S4. The same person said that the Galaxy S4 uses new unspecified technology to monitor its users’ eyes and translate the said motion into action. A good example of this is, when you read an article using the device and your eyes reach the bottom part of the page, the software will automatically scroll down to reveal the next paragraph or page of text for you.

Yes, the Korean tech giant filed for a trademark in the US on both “Samsung Eye Scroll” and “Eye Pause” says the New York Times. The same publication also noted that the Samsung Galaxy S3 features Face recognition technology to keep the device’s screen illuminated when the owner is looking at it.

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