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Sales Of The Samsung Galaxy S Range Top 100 Million

2013 January 15

During the last couple of years, South Korean tech giant Samsung has been responsible for shaping the landscape of the mobile phone business. Sales of its Galaxy smartphone range have broken a number of records on account of the volume and speed at which they are embraced by consumers in markets all around the world.


Of course, 2012 saw massive success for Samsung thanks to its Galaxy S3 flagship. The phone quickly garnered the respect of critics and popularity from consumers, leading it to sell 20 million units after being on the market for just 100 days.


However, this is not the first handset in the Samsung Galaxy S range which has proven to be successful. Two years and seven months ago, Samsung launched its first instalment of the Galaxy S range, followed by last 2011’s popular Samsung Galaxy S2.


Samsung has recently made an announcement that sales of the entire Galaxy S range have now topped the 100 million milestone. While this is impressive in itself, the fact that it was achieved in less than three year’s makes it all the more incredible. Of course, the Galaxy S3 is continuing to sell well and remains the top selling smartphone in just about every country, with sales of the phone still at around 190,000 per day.


Of course, this announcement has only fuelled the already widespread speculation about the next version of the series. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is probably the most talked about smartphone model on the internet right now, and people seem more interested in this device than even the next iPhone.


The Galaxy S4 is widely believed to be launched in Q2 this year, so there is a little longer to wait. It will be widely expected that the handset will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, so will further add to the huge numbers clocked up by the previous instalments of the Galaxy S range.

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