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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 To Face Competition From HTC Droid DNA?

2012 November 9

It appears that Samsung is soon going to face tough competition in the ‘phablet’ market.


The South Korean manufacturer last year launched an innovative device called the Galaxy Note. This was the first such device to combine the dimensions of a smartphone and a tablet, with a 5.3 inch screen and a built in S-Pen stylus. Although the popularity of this large screen format was doubted by many ahead of its launch, it has been one of the best selling devices for Samsung over the last year.


Samsung recently released a follow up to this device called the Galaxy Note 2. The handset hit the UK and various European markets following an Asian launch, in early October. After just 37 days of availability, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 had moved a whopping 3 million units.


It would appear that Samsung has the ‘phablet’ market sewn up and currently faces virtually zero competition. However, this looks like it may soon be changing. Next week HTC is due to launch a new product in New York. Leaks have all but confirmed that this will be a device called the HTC Droid DNA. It is a device which largely mirrors the HTC J Butterfly which was launched earlier this year in Japan. Both of these devices feature a 5 inch screen with a 1080p display. It looks like HTC may be the first competing company with its eye on a slice of the ‘phablet’ market.


Until the handset is officially unveiled though, we will not know many more specs. It is sure impress though, as a phone has to be special if it is to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


Because Samsung was something of an innovator and virtually created the ‘phablet’ market (in the same way that the Apple iPad created the tablet market), it will be interesting to see how competing handsets from rival manufacturers measure up to Samsung’s market leader which is widely regarded as one of the most impressive smartphones of all time.

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