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Samsung Galaxy S Advance receiving its Jelly Bean update in January 2013

2012 December 3

Today, we live in a world where Android mobile phone manufacturers are rushing and pushing so hard to get the elusive Jelly Bean updates on their respective products, this also include the Korean Tech Giant, Samsung. It seems, like the Android world is favouring the latter when it comes to updates. With this, Samsung is said to be supporting many of its handsets with Jelly Bean updates, and this includes the Samsung Galaxy S Advance

Yes, it has been quite sometime now since people learned about the Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S Advance, but this time around the actual release window for the said update was revealed. Yes, Samsung’s German Facebook page posted a status with all of the juicy details that we all needed to hear. The said page stated that not only the actual update release but it also stated that the Jelly Bean update will be available via Samsung Kies and OTA (Over The Air).

This is the exact status update of Samsung via its German Facebook page (Translated using Google):

“Dear fans, more and more devices will no receive the update to Android Jelly Bean. Even the Galaxy S I9070 Advance gets this and is available in January on Kies or Over-The-Air is available.” 

Sadly, there is no exact date that came with the said announcement. But nevertheless, a January release is not that far. In addition, they also forgot to mention which version of the Jelly Bean update will land on the Samsung Galaxy S Advance, but for now, it seems quite safe to assume that they will be receiving the Android 4.1 and not the Android 4.2. This is while considering that the Android 4.2 is still relatively young and new. Now, this is indeed a huge step up for the Galaxy S Advance as the phone will ship from Android Gingerbread to Android Jelly Bean OS.

With this update landing soon on the Galaxy S Advance, people are now expecting Samsung to focus on its newer and more popular devices (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2) when it comes to their Jelly Bean rollouts.

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