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Samsung Galaxy S3 Remains The Number One Selling Smartphone For Seventh Consecutive Month

2012 December 4

The Apple iPhone 5 has been one of the major smartphone releases of the year. Before its launch, many people thought that it would quickly overtake the Samsung Galaxy S3 as the number one smartphone model, but this has not been the case.


Now that a new month is well underway, sales data from uSwitch shows that at the end of November the Samsung Galaxy S3 remained the number one selling smartphone in the UK for its seventh consecutive month, a position held by the phone since its launch in May.


It also shows that while the iPhone 5 has made its way to a respectable third position on the list, it has even failed to overtake sales of its predecessor the iPhone 4S. Since the iPhone 5 has been on the market, it has had its fair share of problems. Demand for the phone was so high initially that Apple was unable to make enough handsets to fulfil orders. This has recently been rectified though, but many people are still reporting a number of problems with the phone itself and the iOS 6 platform.


The software which is installed as standard on the iPhone 5 was also rolled out as an update to compatible devices alongside its launch. The main complaint about this has been the Apple Maps application which replaces Google Maps, plus other bugs and glitches with the software. Other reported problems include the aluminium casing scratching too easily and the camera capturing a purple light effect on some photos.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 on the other hand it seems, can do no wrong. Sales have now reached well over 30 million, after taking just 100 days to reach the 20 million mark. However the iPhone 5 has been increasingly dropping in price so it will be interesting to see how long the Galaxy S3 stays on top.

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