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Samsung Galaxy S3’s ‘sudden death’

2012 December 26

This weekend, a tech site reported about Samsung Galaxy S3 owners complaining about their devices suddenly being bricked. Yes, it was The Next Web who quoted owners who claims that their Galaxy S3 would no longer turn on again after charging overnight or right after the phone’s screen is turned off. 

The Next Web said: “Users are reporting that the main boards are the root of the problem and that the flash memory is becoming corrupted and failing, though the devices do seem to last somewhere between 150 and 200 days before dying”.

The Tech site also added that while the Korean Tech giant has not officially acknowledged the said issue, users who sent their Samsung Galaxy S3 to repair centers are saying that they have been told by employees that the issue appears to affect a lot of people recently.

The same tech site also cited reports indication that Samsung is now replacing affected devices under warranty, whether or not people have already rooted the devices or installed non-standard firmware for their devices.

The Next Web also said that the Korean Tech giant is allegedly using the very same revision for their main boards and raising the possibility that the reported issue may happen again.

A comment cited by the Tech site said that Samsung had told “multiple people” that the issue is just a hardware problem. Now this is quite scary for those who currently own the Samsung Galaxy S3 and future buyers of Samsung’s latest flagship and the successor of their Samsung Galaxy S2.

Well, we are hoping that Samsung will give us some answer as to what is the reason behind the Samsung Galaxy S3’s sudden death.

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  1. Samsung Geek permalink
    December 26, 2012

    My S3 started restarting itself a week before for no apparant reason, i had not dropped it, had looked after it and had it since the first week it came out.

    Then one day, it just wouldnt turn on. I tried everything including factory reset but still nothing. Its a shame if this is a common fault but what has peed me off was that i had arecieved an unlocked version the first time round and was getting my updates as soon as they were available but now i seem to have an Orange branded one and i have still have not got my update to Jelly Bean so quite annoyed that from being one of the first to get JB and i am now one of the last to get it.

    Annoying is an understatement!

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