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Samsung Galaxy S4 all set for March 14th?

2013 February 26

Talks about Samsung unveiling the successor to its Galaxy S3 next month is no longer a rumour as the company confirmed it.

According to reports, US carrier networks are pushing hard for an American launch since the Samsung Galaxy S3 debuted in London last year. 

The Samsung event is said to take place in New York City with the Korean tech giant tweeting: “March 14. Ready 4 the show? #UNPACKED”, along with a photo that reads: “Come and meet the next Galaxy”.

We all know how the Samsung Galaxy S3 became such a huge success for the Korean tech giant, we also knew about it challenging Apple’s iPhone dominance from the get go. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is widely seen as Android phones’ standard-bearer.

Last year, the Korean tech giant overtook the Cupertino Firm as the world’s top smartphone maker and its Galaxy range outsold the iPhone for four straight quarters.

We also know that Apple still has a larger market share in the US, 34% to Samsung’s 32.3%. This is according to most recent figures. 

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to come in with a larger and higher-resolution display than its predecessor. It is also said to come in with improved camera and faster processor.

The news for the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch is getting stronger with the Mobile World Congress 2013 is fast approaching. This is the venue where all of the manufacturers will showcase their latest offerings in the hope of luring customers away from Apple and (of course) Samsung.

Huawei unveiled its Ascend P2 last January during the CES 2013. BlackBerry and HTC, launched their respective flagships as well (with BlackBerry launching the BB10 last January and HTC launching theirs just last week).

Again, as I’ve mentioned before, it is not always about delivering the best smartphone or the cheapest one per se. It is always about the brand. Only Apple and Samsung (so far) can do this with their respective brands.

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