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Samsung Galaxy S4 fantasy video makes its way to YouTube

2012 December 28

You just can’t help it, but there are many people who have a lot more time than we do. They basically do things that perk the interests of others (i.e. innocent preying victims). Now, recently, they are conquering YouTube with fake videos and it involves the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (the Samsung Galaxy S4 ).

‘Samsung Galaxy S4 concept phone’

So why do we think it’s fake? Well, for one the device hasn’t been announced YET by the Korean Tech Giant (and yet it’s the star of the video). If you look at the video, you will see different scenarios including the obligatory laser keyboard. Yes, this technology has been available for quite some time now and it is also not that good.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on video also gave us imaginary specs in the likes of 13MP rear-shutter and 1080pixels Grand AMOLED display. The phone is also said to host a quad-core processor (2.0 Ghz) and that it will run on the new Android flavour the Android Key Lime Pie OS. Well, if you think about it, the Key Lime Pie OS for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is believable (since the said OS will come out early next year) but the rest of the specs, well, it’s quite hard to believe.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on video also describes the unit as ‘the most thinnest one’ (maybe thinner than both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5).Yes, this feature is doable for Samsung, if they don’t want to follow the laws of physics. If you look at it, you will see the GT-I9500 model and that its predecessor bears the model number GT-I9300. If this is indeed true, then why not make up a model number that is closer to the Galaxy S3’s model number?

Yes, we know how the rumours about the new Galaxy S device by Samsung are getting stronger because of the CES and MWC 2013 events for next year. Until we hear from the Korean Tech giant about the actual announcement or launch for this device, we simply cannot believe rumours floating all over the net. Yes, not even this fancy video.

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