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Samsung Galaxy S4 To Incorporate Flexible Display?

2012 December 2

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 have been some of the biggest successes in the mobile phone business this year, and both devices have helped cement Samsung’s position as the number one manufacturer.


The Galaxy S3 has sold well in excess of 30 million units to date, and took just 100 days to reach 20 million sales when it was lunched back in May. The Galaxy Note 2 has been with us since September, and has already sold well over 5 million and looks on track to accomplish the 20 million sales that Samsung has forecast for the device.


Of course, the success and popularity of these phones has led to widespread speculation regarding the features of their successors, which are believed to be the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3. One of the most interesting rumours regarding the potential features of these devices is certainly their screen. Some have suggested that they may even feature flexible touchscreen displays. It is no secret that Samsung has already developed the technology and has already created prototypes as has Nokia. However, it was widely assumed that this type of screen would not enter mass production in time for next year’s launch of Samsung’s upcoming flagship phones. However, an article on the BBC website has suggested that we may see this kind of display sooner than we thought, with Samsung the favourite to release it first. What higher profile handsets to showcase these new screens on than the latest Galaxy S and Galaxy Note models?


Of course, neither of these phones have been officially announced by Samsung, so we will have to wait until we hear more details regarding their intended release dates before we can speculate much further about their potential features. Whether or not they incorporate flexible screens, the phones are sure to be impressive.

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