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Samsung unveiled the new Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus

2013 January 13

During the CES 2013, Samsung announced a new device. Unfortunately, it is not the Samsung Galaxy S4. Yes, the Korean Tech giant recently announced their latest Galaxy S member; it is the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus. This is a bit disappointing to others, but what can we do about it? Nothing! Exactly! 

While the rumours over the Samsung Galaxy S4 is getting stronger as February nears us, Samsung decided to ‘relaunch’ one of their best-selling devices, the Galaxy S2 Plus.

Yes, the new product by Samsung is sure to confuse many customers as they look for the latest Samsung Galaxy model, and while they are looking at the fancy Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2, they could also get a glimpse of the new Galaxy S2 Plus device.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus is a smaller and yet beefed up sibling of the Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy Note 2. This device comes in with 1.2GHz dual-core processor and is accompanied by 1GB worth of RAM. You will also get a 4.3” display screen on this device (using AMOLED display). Best of all, this device is said to run on the latest Android flavour, the Android 4.1.2 OS or the Jelly Bean OS.

If you compare this device with the Galaxy S2, you will notice that there is a big upgrade done on this device. But still, the current flagship, Samsung Galaxy S3 outmatched this device in a couple departments. If you want a smaller device or a cheaper one per se, then this is the right Samsung device for you.

It looks like Samsung is doing something new with the Galaxy line’s name; this is the first Galaxy device with the Plus name. Either way, if the Korean Tech giant can prevent their clients from being confused when they get their devices, the Galaxy S2 Plus is definitely a welcomed addition to their Galaxy Line.

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