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Samsung’s lead over Apple expected to go bigger

2013 January 5

According to Strategy Analytics (via Rueters), the Korean Tech Giant Samsung is expected to broaden its lead over its biggest rival Apple in the global smartphone market sales for 2013 with an expected 35% growth. This is of course thanks to their broad product lineup.  

Apple is said to return the offensive if and when they rollout cheaper and smaller ‘iPhone Mini” by 2014 if they want to grab a big chunk of market share. This is of course to target demand from customers who prefers low-end devices.

Strategy Analytics’s Neil Mawston says: “We expected Samsung to slightly extend its lead over Apple this year because of its larger multi-tier product portfolio” in an e-mail with Reuters.

According to Mawston, global smartphone shipments are expected to jump to at least 27% to 875 Million this 2013, slowing a bit from 2012’s 41% pace as the current growth is easing in majority of key markets (i.e. China, North America, Asia, Western Europe) says Mawston.

Samsung is expected to sell 290 Million devices for 2013 and is up from a projected 215 Million last year. Now, Apple’s sale is projected to at least reach 180 Million for 2013 and is up to 33% from last year’s 33% (slightly behind Samsung’s 35% increase).

This will automatically give 33% share of the 2013 smartphone market sales and up from 2012’s estimated 31%. Meanwhile, Apple will still hold 21% against last year’s mere 20%.

Apple is currently, the world’s most valuable tech company and Samsung is today’s most valuable company in the Asian region. Now the two giants have been battling strongly in the global device market (which both of the companies heavily dominates), and yes, Samsung is also one of Apple’s suppliers.

Now, the Korean Tech giant may launch the 4th sequel to their famous flagship line the Galaxy S (Samsung Galaxy S4) this April, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 this year as well.

Mawston said: “Samsung plays in more segments and this should enable it to capture more volume than Apple (assuming Apple does not launch an ‘iPhone Mini’ this year)”.

Mawston also said that the iPhone Mini is not expected to launch this year but by next year. Apple may also release the iPhone 5S in May or June.

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