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Samsung’s record number of shipped smartphones for 2012

2013 January 29

Everyone is switching to smartphones and with new numbers released last Friday, it is confirmed that people are now into smartphones than ordinary mobile phones. 

According to Strategy Analytics, not only were there a lot of smartphones shipped last year, but it also appeared that 2012 graced us with record setting 12 months for increasing demand for popular devices.

About 700 Million shipped last year which was a 43% increase over last year’s numbers. Now, in addition, those numbers were made possible with the North American and European growth slowing to just 43% from 2011’s 64%.

Samsung consistently showed that they are the manufacturer to beat quarter after quarter, this is also the reason why this news shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the Korean tech giant shipped a record 213 Million smartphones last year.

Samsung’s new record was of the previous record holder (Nokia) managed just less than a half of that with 100 Million units shipped in 2010. The Samsung Galaxy S3 alone sold as many units last year as Nokia had shipped all of 2010.

With that huge number, Samsung was able to capture 30% of the overall smartphone market and gave the Korean tech giant a nice lead on both, whilst Apple received 19% (putting them at second place) and Nokia with 5% (at third place).

Now with Samsung’s best selling year (to date), both Apple and Nokia received their fair share of shipments last year.

Apple’s iPhone 5’s success was able to increase its shipments by 46% (equivalent to 135.8 Million units). Nokia may have fallen off the race during 2012, but its 35 Million smartphones shipped is still good enough to capture a place on the top 5.

Sadly, what the Korean tech giant gained (market share wise), Nokia lost, as the Finnish company’s 15.8% stake back in 2011 dropped to a low 5%.

Even with the company’s flagship device the Nokia Lumia 920 and other Windows Phone 8 devices, the company failed to hand with the leader of the pack (Samsung).

This year should be an interesting year for smartphones, as many of those 2010 contracts will expire this year. Meaning, customers will be looking forward to buying new devices in the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S, and other new phones.

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