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The Samsung Galaxy Fame And Galaxy Young Coming To The UK

2013 March 1

Samsung may be releasing the high profile Galaxy S4 model in just a couple of weeks time but the company is still producing some super devices that target the more budget range of the market. It looks as though the new Samsung Galaxy Young and Galaxy Fame, devices announced in South Korea earlier in the month are about to hit the UK market.

The general consensus was that the new Samsung Galaxy Fame handset was set to be officially launched at MWC 2013 but is seems that Samsung could not wait that long and announced the model, along with the Galaxy Young, two weeks ahead of schedule in South Korea. These two budget handsets look set to be a huge success with a younger audience who perhaps do not have the premium money that top end devices such as the Galaxy S4 will attract. We have now seen UK network provider Three confirm that they will be offering the Galaxy Fame to its customers although the company will not comment on either pricing or a UK release date for the model.

In terms of design both of these new models attempt to bring the modern styling found on the Samsung Galaxy S3 to a more cost conscious audience. Specification wise the Samsung Galaxy Fame offers slightly more in the way of features including a 3.5 inch 480 x 320 resolution display, a 1Ghz processor chip and 512MB of RAM. Along with this the model also sports 4GB of internal storage and a 5 mega pixel digital still camera. The cheaper Galaxy Young handset incorporates a slightly smaller 3.27 inch display along with the same processing chip. The camera resolution on the model is slightly lower at 3 mega pixels but perhaps surprisingly a higher amount of RAM is available at 768MB. Both handset will come with the Jelly Bean version of the Android operating system pre installed.

It is pleasing to see that Samsung are not ignoring the cheaper end of the phone market with such high profile models as the Galaxy S4 about to launch. The new Samsung Galaxy Fame and Galaxy Young look super devices and both should be available in the UK very soon.

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