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The Samsung Galaxy S3 A Success In China While Apple Drop Outside Of The Top Five Manufacturers

2012 November 9

The iPhone is generally regarded as one of the most popular smartphones in the world but new figures for the rapidly growing Chinese market reveal that this may not be the case in this area of the world. What may not come as a surprise however is that the globally popular Samsung Galaxy S3 is thriving in this market.

According to analysts Canalys Apple have dropped out of the top five phone manufacturers in China during quarter 3 of 2012. Not so long ago many experts may not have regarded this market as very important but it has boomed recently and is now regarded as bigger than the US for phone sales. Samsung top the charts with 14 per cent of all phone sales thanks to great handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S3 while relatively unknown local manufacturer Lenovo follows up close behind with 13 per cent. Thanks to partnerships with China Telecom and China Mobile third place goes to Yulong while two better known brands, ZTE and Huawei complete the list in fourth and fifth position.

To rub salt into Apple’s wounds the superb Samsung Galaxy S3 has been named as the best selling smartphone in Q3 of the year. 18 million S3 devices were sold in this period compared to 16.2 iPhone 4S handsets although the figures are slightly misleading as iPhone sales were inevitably effected by the pending release of the iPhone 5. Despite being on the market for sixth months the S3 remains the most popular phone around thanks to some superb specification combined with eye catching design. Rumours are already circulating regarding an S4 phone although it is unlikely that we will see such a handset much before the end of Q1 2013.

The Chinese market is rapidly expanding and the 50 million smartphones shipped in Q3 is more than a third of the entire total for the whole world. The success of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and other devices from the company will delight the manufacturers where as Apple will be concerned by the lack of impact that they are having on this important market.

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