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The Samsung Galaxy S3 Is Officially The Most Popular Smartphone In The World

2012 November 8

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is well known for many things ranging from its high end features, to the fact that it is the biggest threat to the Apple iPhone 5. The handset is also well known for being popular, and famously took just 100 days to sell 20 million units.


Samsung recently announced that it has now sold over 30 million units to date. During the third quarter of 2012, 18 million Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets were sold compared to 16.2 million iPhones in the same period. This means that the Galaxy S3 is officially the best selling smartphone in the world at the moment.


The data which comes by way of Strategy Analytics also reveals that that handset’s predecessor, the Galaxy S2 was also the most widely available smartphone in the world during the first half of 2012, with all networks and retail stores offering the handset. It beat notable competitors including the Apple iPhone 4S and Nokia Lumia 800.


The Samsung Galaxy S2 is available from every network and retailer that the study analysed, and was followed closely by the Apple iPhone 4S 16GB.


The ongoing popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is understandable. With more and more people seeking alternatives to Apple’s iPhone line, devices like the Galaxy S3 are quickly becoming the first choice for many consumers. With many appealing Samsung Galaxy S3 Deals available from UK networks, its popularity looks set to continue in the future.


The Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S2 handsets are not the only cause for celebration for Samsung at the moment. It new Galaxy Note 2 ‘phablet’ was launched just over a month ago and Samsung has recently announced that the device has already topped three million sales. This means it looks like its will achieve the 20 million sales forecast by Samsung before its launch.

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