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Will Samsung Ditch The S-Pen On The Galaxy Note 3?

2013 March 15

images (3)The Samsung Galaxy Note range has seen some of the most successful products to date for the South Korean manufacturer. The original Galaxy Note was launched in 2011, and instantly became a massive hit thanks to the versatility afforded to the handset by its 5.3 inch screen, ample processing power and of course the range’s trademark S-Pen stylus.


Last year, the Galaxy Note 2 was launched, which helped make the phablet niche one of the most popular smartphone categories on the market. The Galaxy Note 2 builds on the format of its predecessor, but saw the addition of a number of updates and more advanced features.


The S-Pen is the feature which sets the Galaxy Note range apart, and allows users to carry out many more applications than a standard smartphone. Surprisingly, Phones Review has reported that Samsung may ditch the S-Pen feature from its rumoured upcoming Galaxy Note 3 handset.


However, it appears that there is a reason for this rumour. The Galaxy Note saw sold inclusion of a feature called AirView, which allows users to simply hover the S-Pen above the screen, where it carries out functions like enlarging thumbnail images and playing previews of videos without actually opening the file.


Phones Review reports that this feature no longer requires an S-Pen, as was showcased on the recently unveiled Galaxy S4. Other rumours suggest that although this feature will be included, Samsung may still include an S-Pen stylus, after all it’s one of the major appealing factors of the range. Furthermore, Samsung also recently invested in a stylus manufacturing company, so clearly still has plans for this feature in future devices.


Whether or not the Galaxy Note 3 includes an S-Pen, it is highly likely that it will still be a popular device, especially considering that the current Galaxy Note 2 model shipped an estimated three million units in its first 30 days on the market and remains one of the most sought after handsets available.


Do you think the Galaxy Note 3 will come with a stylus pen or do you think this feature has now become obsolete? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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